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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good evening i'm jim vance. doreen is off tonight. we begin with breaking news.
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standard & poor's has downgraded the u.s. credit rating for the first time in the history of the ratings. the top treple a rating is now aa-plus. the agency says the downgrade reflect our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan the that the congress and the administration agreed to falls short to what would be necessary to stabilize the government's medium term debt dynamics. crystal welker joins us now for reaction to this. the administration cannot be happy about this. what are you hearing from them? >> reporter: white house is not commenting just yet and we are just learning now that according to reuters, president obama was briefed on this situation. but i spoke with sources with knowledge of this matter earlier this evening. they told me they believe that this decision by s&p is purely a
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political one and not based in economic fact. here's what happened according to the sources. they say that officials with s&p delivered their analysis at 2:00 this afternoon and the treasury department reviewed it and decided they were off by $2 trillion in their analysis. so s&p went back to the drawing board, came back, changed their numbers but still decided to downgrade the credit rating of the united states. so these sources say that again this is purely a political move. they don't think that this was justified and one treasury official says that a judgment flawed by a $2 trillion error speaks for itself. john boehner says this is a reflection of out of control spending and nancy employeessy said this is a reason to have
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transparency moving forward. and s&p saying that the deal did not go far enough. >> a lot more to come. thank you christen. we appreciate that. joining us now in an effort to make a bit more sense of it all is tara st. clair. she is a professor at george washington university. thank you for joining us. first of all, why did standard & poor's do this? >> first of all, the reason they expected. they expected a $4 trillion cut in the debt over the next ten years and they are saying that congress didn't do enough. the other reason is this political reason. i think that the treasury is pointing out that really they were saying, hey, in the next round there better be bigger cuts and they said there is a negative rating going forward and potentially going to lower it more. >> to the average person on the street what does this mean and
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how does it affect us? >> not much at this point. the government has already come out and said that for banks that are using treasuries for their risk analysis it is not going to change anything for them or change anything at the banks or for interest payments on the credit cards. but going forward if this continues to be a problem or a second ratings agency also downgraded us we would see higher interest rates on everything. >> that would not be good. >> not at this time. >> thank you, professor. this comes one day after a 500 point loss on the dow jones industrial average. today was a roller coaster ride on wall street street. the dow traded within 400 points today. the stocks opened higher after a strong jobs report. but the gains erap investigated
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quickly. the nasdaq dropped 24 and the s&p lost 1 point. we are going to get through this. things will get better and we're going to get there together. >> i don't think anybody is going to jump for joy saying we are out of the clear and out of the woods and this is a great number. >> president obama unveiled a plan to help unemployed veterans get jobs. a temporary fix for the federal africa administration. the president signed a bill into law which ends a two-week partial shutdown of the agency. 74,000 people can now return to work, expected on monday. the shutdown cost the government $400 million in uncollected ticket taxes and shut down airport construction projects all over the country. the stopgap extends authority
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through september. that means this issue will come back and will have to be addressed when congress returns in the fall. a little girls she was separated from her mother while shopping and a man sexually assaulted her in the store. tonight, the police released surveillance pictures of that man. jackie bensen has more on this story. >> reporter: it's the stuff that parents' nightmares are made of. these are security camera images ofta man that is thought to have done a bad thing to a little girl in this store on veirs mill road in wheaton. it is popular with the latino community. police say the 7-year-old victim wandered a few aisles from her mother when it happened. >> she was approached by a hispanic male who touched her in
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her genital area. she ran to another area of the store and he followed her to that area of the store and again touched her in her genital area. at that time the girl ran away and hid in a clothed rack full of clothes and dresses. >> reporter: the news has unnerved women who shopped to the store. >> i looking for the people and the man and look at the faces different. so i scared. i say come on and stay with me. >> reporter: what has investigators especially concerned that in the seconds after the crime was discovered, the suspect had the presence of mind to try to disguise himself. >> he went into the store wearing one shirt and after he assaulted the girl he changed his shirt and exited the store. >> reporter: these are to two photos showing pictures of the man side by side in two different shirts. anyone who recognizes that man is asked to call the montgomery
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county police. back to you. >> thank you. people living in maryland are on edge after a woman was attacked and raped as she was coming home. it happened just after 1:00 this morning in a townhouse complex on wagon wheel court. the 22-year-old woman was attacked as she was getting out of her car in front of her house. the suspect dragged her to a playground and assaulted her. police don't have a good description of the suspect because he covered his head with a piece of clothing during that attack. extra troopers out patrolling the beltway right now in prince george's county, part of a program called operation centipede. they are looking for drivers who are drunk, speeding or being reckless. jane watrel with more on this. >> reporter: according to maryland state police, right now is the most dangerous part of the day to be on the beltway in maryland between 11:00 at night
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and 4:00 in the morning. they are out in force targeting drivers. >> it's going to be on the interloop north of 450 on the left shoulder. >> reporter: donnell jackson calls in a motorist clocked in at 80 miles per hour in a 55 zone. he is part of a crackdown on the beltway to get motorists to slow down and save lives. >> the biggest things out here is -- and you'll hear that as we make traffic stops. i'm going with the flow of traffic. for example this vehicle right here. he won't realize that i'm a patrol officer and i'll show you how as i'm driving. >> reporter: jackson joined two dozen troopers on i-495 to work the overnight shift in marked and unmarked vehicles to go after drivers who speed and use alcohol. >> a lot of people who are
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traveling on the beltway travel at a higher rate of speed than is posted and that is why we integrated operation centipede and traffic initiatives to reduce the flow of traffic and let the public know we are out there. >> reporter: 42 miles of the beltway are in maryland. and 70% of all traffic fatalities are on this stretch of highway. the latest occurred on tuesday when a crash killed two people. >> what we are going to do is pg county and going into montgomery county. again this is one of the worst stretches of the highway. >> reporter: since operation centipede have gone into effect, maryland state police say fatalities have dropped by 23%. reporting live i'm jane watrel.
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back to you. a group of women say they are the victims of a hate crime. and the chief of police admits that the officers handled it wrong. a scare at a philadelphia airport. passengers forced to evacuate a plane. drivers trapped in a car and ceilings caved in in north carolina. we have a chance for rain tomorrow and maybe on sunday too. i'll let you know who has the best chances of seeing the rain and when the temperatures will warm back up. and this one is
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five women say they were beaten in d.c. because of their sexual orientation and they say the d.c. police did little to help them. the women say they were walking near the columbia heights metro station when two men began to flirt with them. when they rejected the advances they were punched in the face. a bystander called the cops but the officer released the suspects at the scene and did not file a report. the chief calls that apaling. >> there is just no question there was an assault that took place. there were visible injuries. some of that aggression took place in front of the officers because they separated the suspects in the case. >> the chief says that the
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department launched an internal investigation into the actions of the officers. a threatening note prompted the search of a u.s. airways night on the way from scotland to alaska. the flight was searched during a stopover in philadelphia this evening. officials say there was a note that was mailed to a london address that mentioned explosives on that flight. they searched. nothing was found and that plane was allowed to continue its journey to alaska. more than a million vehicles being recalled. ignition and liftoff of the atlas 5r. nasa is not sending astronauts into space but they sent off a spacecraft that is
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honda announced about 1 1/2 million vehicles are being recalled. the auto maimer needs to update the software on the automaker transmission to decrease the possibility of damage to the transmission. it affects 2005 to 2010 four-cylinder accords and 2007 to 2010 crvs and 2005 to 2008 element. honda will send recall notifications in the mail on august 31st.
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deadly flash flooding in charlotte north carolina today. one person was killed from quickly-rising water. firefighters had to rescue more than a dozen people trapped in their cars. two low-lying neighborhoods had to be evacuated. as much as 6 inches of rain fell in a few hours in some parts of the city. i'm sure they needed rain but not that much that quickly. >> and that fast exactly right. for us, beautiful out there. >> we like this. >> we like this. and we have more coming. but keep the umbrellas handy. outside right now look at how things were in georgetown earlier this evening. the river looking good and a lot of people out there on those boats and not a bad place to be on the boat this evening and a couple enjoying the night. the high temperature got up to 88 degrees. that's the arch high temperature
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today. but it wasn't that bad. this, by the way, the last weekend with at least 14 hours of daylight. we are seeing less and less daylight each day as we move in to winter. 78 degrees out there right now with a heat index of 80. the current temperature, 78 in washington, 70 in cambridge. and culpepper with a temperature of 77 degrees. there are showers and thunderstorms back toward the west in portions of west virginia and even in the panhandle of west virginia but not affecting too many people. we saw warm conditions and continue to see those this evening. but humid conditions overnight tonight. an area of storminess to the west will move through. that gives us a chance of thunderstorm activity during the day tomorrow. i think most of us will be on the dry side but back to the west that's when i think we have a good chance of seeing storms
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and a better chance on sunday will be to the east of washington in the delmarva and the chesapeake and the beaches. could be a rainy scenario but not an all day rain. we're not talking about a washout but if you are west of washington on sunday you will see the better day there. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and mild, 67 to 73 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, not bad at all. i think we will see shower activity and thunderstorms late in the day but i don't think it is going to be a washout. 83 to 88 degrees under the mostly cloudy skies. then on sunday, another chance of rain, most of that will be to the east. 93 for the high temperature and will the feel more humid. 95 on monday. 92 on tuesday. and as we move into next week, the temperatures sticking around the 90-degree mark. not a washout but carry the umbrella around just in case
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especially tomorrow evening. >> we'll take your advice. we have sports coming up. a
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i'm reading the beginning of dan's copy and one of the biggest weaknesses for the redskins last year and i can tell you there are a lot of different answers. i'm going to say the back field, the running back. the running area. >> this is what perpetuated the weakness, the offensive line. it was a weak link last year and they added more depth today. they signed sean locklear.
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he started 51 out of 54 games for the seahawks since 2007. if you want to see this year's version of the skins for free it is fan appreciation day tomorrow at noon. several local players on this roster are certain to have an extra large cheering section including evan royster. he played at westfield high school and scored 82 touchdowns in three years and let the bulldogs to three district titles and he was a good lacrosse player. and he had 29 touchdowns for penn state in four years. and now he is trying to make the redskins' roster and just trying to learn everything. >> it's out here and it's a fast game and right now it's all about learning. i'll worry about making plays once i get the mental down
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better. it's a competition and we are battling for a spot. so it's rough. the coaches are trying to get us to get the mental aspect down before we try to do so too much. when you try to do too much you make mistakes. >> evan royster one of eight running backs on the roster right now. tnch nationals with a late start in colorado and apparently they slept off last night's rocky performance. got it? the nationals get a superb game from starting pitcher jordan zimmerman and managed to score a few runs as well. the nats fans in denver for this. traveling with the guys. top of the first and that's a good poke almost to the wall and it extends his hitting streak to 14 games and it brings home rick ankiel and danny espinoza.
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and a scary moment for the rockies' pitcher. a liner right off his head. the trainers, managers and medics. he is blinking his eyes. look at this thing, though. that was just right at his head. we can't tell you how he is right now. we don't have an update on his condition. his counter part was pitching great. strikes out seven in 5 2/3. and the nationals up and morse takes this one deep. he was in beast mode tonight. his 19th homer of the year. the nationals leading this one 4-3 in the eighth. if you follow tennis you know that 22-year-old donald young is a serious talent. but since going pro in 2004 he never made it to a tournament semifinals until now. >> he won tonight?
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oh, yeah. >> he came in ranked 128 nose tackle the world. young in the far court and how about that shot right there. yeah. you're not going to get that. young put that thing away. now young serving for match point. and that's it. and he advances. he's going to face roddick city uponic from the czech republic. that's why i need you is for my tennis. >> tennis names are the most difficult. >> but
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an unmanned spacecraft is on
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its way more than a billion miles to jupiter. the atlas v rocket blasted off today. it is called juneau. it is expected to live on jupiter in five years. the estimated arrival date is july 4, 2016. it will gather day tar for a year while it circles the largest planet in the solar system. nasa says the primary goal of the mission is to understand how jupiter was formed and, perhaps, to shed light on how the other planets in the solar system came to be. this weekend parents can save money on back to school supplies. it is tax-free shopping weekend in virginia. you won't have to pay tax for pens, pencils and notebooks and no tax on clothing and shoes
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so am i safe opening up my grill this weekend? >> that's a good question. it's a 50% chance and that's it. if you see the rain you could see heavy downpours. i would not put away the grill any time soon. >> that's it for now. the tonight show is next.


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